How to Ace a Behavioral Interview

The behavioral interview is an increasingly popular method of testing a job candidate’s emotional intelligence. Company’s want to know how a candidate will perform under pressure and there’s no better indicator than the past. Watch Billy explain the “S.T.A.R.” method of answering behavioral questions so you can go into your next interview with confidence!

Behavioral Interviews

With Behavioral Interview questions, employers are trying to:
A lack of Emotional Intelligence is one of the top reasons that new hires fail to be successful at the job:
Which of the following would NOT be an example of a Behavioral Interview question:
Which of these is a top behavior that employers look for:
Reading the Job Description might help you understand the behaviors that the company values:
Which of these methods is a popular tool for answering behavioral questions:
The “S” in the correct method above stands for:
In preparation for the Behavioral Interview, which of the following is NOT true:
When asking behavioral questions, employers do not care about lessons you may have learned:
In the internship project example, this was the surprise hurdle that had to be overcome: