LGBTQ+ Rights

We have made great strides when it comes to being a more inclusive society, and respecting all people for who they are. However, change rarely happens overnight and many in the LGBTQ community may feel hesitation and skepticism about entering the working world. This video will guide you through the entire process, from job searching and interviewing to dress codes and starting your first day.

LGBTQ+ in the Workplace

Anti-discrimination laws would never include gender identity.
If researching companies, you should seek out:
One way to determine if a company will be inclusive or not is to research if they have shown any public support of the LGBTQ+ community.
Disclosing sexual orientation or gender identity during the job search process is strictly a personal decision.
If you do not feel comfortable disclosing your sexual orientation or gender identity on a resume, you may choose to:
f you feel discriminated against, you should wait at least until you have been at the company for 6 months to speak out.
How can you remain comfortable while continuing to drive change?